Our Seeds

Our seeds are tested for viability and are supplied in date and fresh. Please be aware germination success depends on many factors from temperature to moisture so we recommend buyers take a look at our germinating seeds info (click here)or do some research into sprouting seeds for best results.

If you have any problems with germination or aren't 100% satisfied with any of our products please let us know, we're always happy to help you out!


*All our seeds are Australian grown and NON GM and the vast majority are heirlooms or open pollinated so will breed true to type.*


Seed Packets are approx. 10 x 5.5 cm in size and are clearly labelled with a picture (where possible) and some basic instructions to get you going. Please note that while seed counts are as accurate as possible, they are approximates. Please note we a re in the process of switching over to a new type of packaging so there will be variations in packaging between items.


The vast majority of our packets are either resealable or foil sealed to maintain freshness. We also have extra resealable bags available or paper clips to reseal your packets after use -  https://www.boondieseeds.com.au/products/resealable-bags?variant=1587400736788

The images are a general guide but if you require sample photos of packaging for a particular variety please contact boondieseeds@gmail.com



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